Sunday, May 23, 2010


The season of dancing, powdered snow always passes us by
Even lost in the crowd, we're gazing at the same sky
The blowing wind chills us in a similar way
I probably don't know everything about you
Yet, out of a hundred million people I found you
And though there is no basis for it, I seriously feel this way
We can't be together
Without quarreling over trivial things
If we're unable to be honest with each other,
Sadness and even happiness are worthless
If the powdered snow has dyed our hearts white
Could we have shared our loneliness?

~boleh tak Asou-kun?!


~tukangmasak~ said...

nak tengok cite ni lagi....
mg ade dop??

hanisah said...

i love asou-kun! ^^

tomoko said...

aku ade
bb,nt ameklaaa
dan slmt nanges lg

nisah:i nk jadik madu aosu kun jugak

~tukangmasak~ said...

memang tu pon plannye....
nak nangis abes-abesan...
pinjam aya punye semangat...

hanisah said...

jom idup bermadu!
i sanggup klw bmadu ngan erra..