Sunday, May 8, 2011


i suspect me, myself is in denial stage.

having newspaper around me with full of hatred, criminals, sorrows, ugly politics with 'ugly' people, nonsense rules, puppets.

i just cant think why they have heart to live like this.

making jokes to people.

taking someone's love.

hello!! what kind of dress hugging your body??

people lost of respects.

treat baby as trash.

Illuminati things.

bla bla bla.....

i keep telling myself, all these are kind of action of creepy annoyed movies.

but when it comes to date,

then i know this is some reality shows which currently propagating through my world.

and somehow, i wish don't have to think crucially

just like when i was in childhood time.

just be a kid again.

cause world wont be better anymore.

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